Where to Find the Best Sweets in Popular Tourist Destinations

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Best and Popular Sweets

Do you have a sweet tooth? Is travelling your favourite thing? Imagine being able to combine the two. While every country has its own combination of unique confectionery, some are renowned for their commitment to creating the best chocolate and sweets.

In this post, we'll reveal the best countries for confectionery, so you can plan your dream holiday and appreciate the unique flavour combinations.

The best countries for chocolate

Ahh, chocolate; is there anything better? We think not. It's creamy, decadent, delicious and melts in your mouth - but not all chocolate bars are equal. The following chocolate bars are ideal for tourists with a sweet tooth because they use high-quality cocoa and offer superior quality.


Belgium is known for its beautiful scenery, incredible capital and the beautiful Bruges region - but it's also a great place to sample some delicious chocolate. When it comes to Belgian chocolate, there are so many flavours to sample.

From dark and rich to light and creamy, endless options are made with prime cocoa.

The best way to experience Belgian chocolate? Make your way around a chocolate shop and sample as many varieties as possible.


Swiss chocolate is the way to go for those who love milk chocolate. It's thicker than Belgian chocolate and has a mild sweetness that can't be beaten. Switzerland also offers delicious dark chocolates with unique flavourings like orange or raspberry.

Forget heading to the local supermarket for some Lindt or a Toblerone; head to the beautiful country and appreciate the chocolate yourself.

The best way to sample chocolate in Switzerland is a ride on the Train du Chocolat, which allows you to enjoy the latest Swiss creations while enjoying the gorgeous scenery.


For many people, there's no country quite like Italy, renowned for its culture and beauty. As the home of the Roman Empire, Verona and Venice, you'll never get bored.

Italian chocolate is all about intensity - the flavour of Italian cocoa is bold and intense, with an underlying nuttiness that you won't find in other countries. Italian chocolates are perfect for those who like something strong and unique.

The UK

Well, we can't ignore the UK, can we? It might not be as luxurious as Italy or unique as Switzerland, but the chocolate never lets people down. From the flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk to the creamy and indulgent Galaxy, there's something for everyone.

Chocolate keeps improving in the UK, so if you know what you like, you can't go wrong with a fan favourite.

The best candy in the world

So, now we've covered the best chocolate from popular tourist destinations; it's time to look at candy. If you have a sweet tooth and need more jelly goodies or traditional boiled sweets, these countries and their sweet-focused locations will satisfy you.


If you're looking for a wide selection of candy, the USA is definitely the place to go. With so many iconic sweets such as Red Vines and Milk Duds, it's no surprise why this country has become a favourite destination for candy lovers.

You can find just about any type of sweet here - and the country is constantly inventing new options. Head to Pennsylvania for a fun-filled trip to Hersheypark, or stuff yourself with jelly beans until your heart's content in California.


We can't talk about candy without mentioning Japan; the country is home to some of the most unique and exciting sweets you'll ever try. From unusual fillings like apple vinegar to colourful treats like Hi-Chew, there's something for everyone here.

Head to Tokyo and explore local stores or visit Penny Candy Lane, Tokyo's infamous candy area. With over 30 shops in one place, you can fill your basket and find some new favourites.

Let's not forget that Japan also has a range of flavoured Kit Kat chocolate bars featuring flavours such as matcha, salted white chocolate and strawberry.


Turkey is home to some of the world's oldest confectionaries, with delicious Turkish Delight - a firm favourite. The country also boasts fantastic desserts such as Kunefe and Baklava, combining sweet ingredients with filo pastry.

If you're looking for something different and exciting, Turkey has it all - but nobody can deny the flagship candy Turkish Delight.

It's chewy, with a jelly centre and a unique taste, and most shops in the country sell it. However, Haci Bekir in Istanbul is known to offer the best Turkish Delights, so be sure to try it if you're in the area.


Germany is known for its beer and sausages, but did you know the country also has some amazing candy? From traditional sweets to unique chocolates, it's impossible not to find something new and interesting.

Visit Berlin or Hamburg and explore the local sweet shops; you'll be able to discover some famous brands such as Knoppers and Riesen. However, if you visit Germany, you must try marzipan, which many would agree is the best in the world.


Fancy a trip to the land down under? Australia offers so much in terms of natural beauty, wildlife, glorious weather and stunning beaches - but the country is also home to some truly unique and delicious sweets.

From Tim Tams to Violet Crumbles and Caramello Koalas, there's something for everyone here. And you'll be able to find the most beloved lollies in the world - Fantales. Each individually wrapped Fantale tells a story of an actor or actress, and they've been around since 1930.

The Wrap Up

So, there you have it; the ultimate list of confectionery in the most popular tourist destinations. With so many options available, all you have to do is choose where you want to go first. In the meantime, you'll find a range of wholesale sweets from around the world at Appleton's.

We specialise in sourcing confectionery from the USA and Japan and offering British favourites. Shop with us today and look forward to great savings and speedy delivery.

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