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sweet treats for allergies

Sweets for Every Dietary Need - A Guide to Finding Delicious Treats for Allergies, Preferences, and More

In the UK, confectionery is ingrained in our culture and always makes the perfect gift for people. No matter how old a person gets, they'll never go off sweets. But what happens when someone has an allergy or dietary requirements?

In the past, this might have meant fewer confectionery options, but technology and more awareness of dietary needs mean brands everywhere are taking their sweets and reimagining them to suit customers with special dietary needs.

In this post, we'll examine the various dietary requirements and reveal which confectionery is best for each.

Let's dive in.

How dietary needs, allergies and preferences might impact your confectionery options

It's important to consider dietary needs because they can significantly impact the types of confectionery you opt for. While some people might avoid a product due to their diet, others could put themselves at risk by consuming the wrong confectionery.

For example, nut allergies can cause various symptoms, including rashes and respiratory problems, but severe allergies might also be fatal.

With so much to consider, it's no wonder people find it hard to buy the right confectionery.

Luckily, there are plenty of sweets available for all dietary needs and preferences, but it's essential to know which you can have and the ones to avoid. Let's take a look at some common allergies and diets.


Perhaps the most common condition that impacts your confectionery choices, diabetes is a serious - but manageable illness.

While diabetes 1 typically appears due to genetics or other uncontrollable factors, diabetes 2 is more common in obese people and can be reversed with dietary changes.

As individuals with diabetes have to drastically reduce their sugar intake (or avoid it altogether), it used to limit their sweet choices considerably. However, today's options mean anyone can enjoy their favourite type of confectionery.

Whether you're looking for lower-sugar options or specialist diabetic chocolate, you won't be disappointed with these sweets.

Nut based confectionery

Nuts are high in calories but don't impact your blood sugar as much - as long as you enjoy them in moderation. Two popular options include Peanut M&M's, which combine peanuts and chocolate in a hard outer shell, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Specialist confectionery

Sugar-free sweets and chocolate are no longer a compromise because they're full of flavour and close to the real thing today.

With so many options available, you can enjoy a range of favourites from De Bron, including Cola bottles, jelly cherries, gummy bears and other delicious sweets.

Nut allergies

Nut allergies range in severity but can be fatal, so sufferers know they have to take extra precautions when avoiding anything that might contain even traces of nuts.

Some of the most popular nut-free chocolate brands include Maltesers, Cadbury Twirl and chocolate buttons.

These chocolates are also considered the safest choice when avoiding cross-contamination in a factory setting - but it's important always to check.

Lactose Intolerance

People who are lactose intolerant don't produce enough of the enzyme needed to digest milk properly, which can result in severe stomach pains, gut problems and bloating. Many people find it's best altogether to avoid dairy.

When it comes to confectionery, there are plenty of chocolate and sweets available depending on your needs and preferences. Dairy-free options are particularly popular for people who find dark chocolate too intense because they offer the same flavour as milk chocolate - minus the dairy.

These sweets still contain sugar but are much lower in fat, so you can enjoy your favourites without feeling guilty or uncomfortable afterwards.

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance is a common problem that affects many people. It occurs when the body can't process gluten, which occurs in wheat and other grains like rye and barley.

Luckily, people with gluten allergies or sensitivities can still take advantage of some delicious sweets. You can find plenty of gluten-free confectionery, especially with Dulce sweets, which are perfect for pick-and-mix lovers.

From jelly snakes and sour confectionery to gummies and everything in between, gluten-intolerant people can protect their health and look forward to their favourite treats.

Vegetarians & Vegans

Vegetarians and vegans have dietary requirements that limit the types of sweets they can enjoy. Many traditional sweets contain animal products, while others may be prepared in a factory that also processes meat - so it's important to know what to avoid.

Fortunately, there are plenty of innovative options available for vegetarians and vegans, and even the biggest brands are getting in on the act.

Haribo has a non-gelatine collection of sweets, while newer brand Bubs is paving the way for vegan pick and mix to become a mainstream phenomenon with an innovative collection of jelly and foam sweets.

Halal and Kosher

Muslims and Jewish individuals also have specific dietary needs, as they cannot consume certain animal-derived foods. Any sweets you buy must be prepared in line with religious requirements.

While there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Halal sweets, many traditional recipes can't be adapted for kosher consumption due to the use of animal products.

Fortunately, some innovative brands offer a selection of delicious confectionery, including foam sweets, jellies and liquorice.

Vegan brands are always a good idea if you're looking for Halal and Kosher confectionery because you can be sure they don't contain any animal products.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect sweet treats for everyone can be tricky, but with a bit of research and patience, you'll be able to find something for everyone.

Whether it's vegan chocolate buttons or nut-free gummy bears, plenty of options are available these days that cater to all kinds of dietary requirements - so don't be afraid to experiment.

At Appleton Sweets, we offer a wide range of wholesale confectionery at fantastic prices. With plenty of dietary-specific sweets, you can stock up and ensure you cater to a range of customers.