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sweet treats at home

Fun and Easy Recipes for Making Your Own Sweets at Home

Is there anything better than enjoying your favourite candy? How about saving money by making your own candy? It tastes just as good - or even better- and is much easier to create than you might believe.

So, if you want to save money while making delicious treats, stay tuned. We have a fantastic selection of fun and easy recipes for the whole family.

Chocolatey Treats

chocolate treats at home

Nothing beats a bar of chocolate does it? Especially when you’re feeling low. Or happy. Or anything. It’s just great, all the time really! The UK has some amazing brands, including Nestle, Mars and Cadbury, so we’re pretty much spoiled for choice. .

However, if you'd prefer to protect your bank balance and make your own delicious chocolate treats, these amazing recipes won’t let you down.

Homemade peanut butter cups

As good as Reese's and much healthier, these peanut butter cups are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. They're also easy to make, with only three ingredients and lower in sugar. While you can make them with cake cases, ramekins are easier to use.

Follow the quick and easy recipe from British Home & Garden, and you've got a fantastic after-dinner treat to enjoy.

Chocolate fudge

Fudge is a classic sweet treat, and you can easily make it at home. Better still, it’s basically headache free - and you’ll only need a couple of ingredients (including condensed milk and cocoa powder).

Better still, you can customise the flavours, adding vanilla, nuts or alcohol for the perfect boozy treat.

Follow the recipe, leave the fudge to cool down and enjoy it as an indulgent treat.

Chocolate bark

If you're looking for a simple but delicious sweet snack, chocolate bark is your answer. It's easy to make and can be customised with whatever ingredients you fancy. The possibilities are endless, from white and dark chocolate to desiccated coconut, dried fruit or nuts.

We've picked a classic dark chocolate bark recipe, which makes a decadent after-dinner treat for adults. You can also customise it to include different nuts and even fruit - creating a much healthier replica of Cadbury Fruit and Nut - with a darker twist.

Peppermint creams

These moreish little creations are the perfect snack for a sweet tooth. Full of fresh minty flavours, with sweet chocolate to round them off, you can’t beat a peppermint cream.

Homemade peppermint creams are a lot cheaper to make than buying from the supermarket, and you’ll only need ten ingredients. If you’ve got a spare ten minutes, you can whip these up no problem.

Think of them as much more affordable versions of After Eights - you won't even know the difference! See the recipe here.

Homemade milk chocolate

Feel like saving some money and making your own milk chocolate bar? We’re right there with you. It might sound daunting, but plenty of people make their own chocolate, and it's less expensive than buying a big bar of your favourite brand.

We've chosen this chocolate recipe because there’s only four ingredients, and it's super easy to make. Who knows? You could even have the next biggest hit on your hands.

Sweet snowballs

Perfect for those winter months and a lot cheaper than traditional truffles, sweet snowballs are something the whole family will enjoy.

Combining Maltesers with marshmallows, white chocolate, nuts and fruit, you'll make delicious snowballs that offer the decadence of truffles - at a much lower price. You can also customise the recipe and make it your own.

Sweet treats

gummy treats at home

So, that's chocolate covered but what about sweets? Whether you prefer traditional hard-boiled confectionery, gummy creations or tongue-tingling sour candies, we've got you covered.

These sweet recipes allow you to use your favourite confectionery to make delicious desserts and snacks.

Haribo style sweets

Slimming World is a hub of useful information for people who want to lose weight and keep it off - but what makes the company unique is its ability to make pretty much anything healthy.

The Slimming World Haribo-style sweets aren't exactly what you'd expect - but they're delicious.

With much fewer calories and hardly any sugar, this replica confectionery will keep your sugar cravings at bay. Here's the recipe.

Homemade gummy bears

Do you want to save money while giving the kids fantastic treats? How about making your own gummy bears? Not only do you get to save money, but it also makes a great activity and will keep the little ones entertained.

You will need gelatin for the recipe, so it's unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans. Better still, you can use jelly or fruit juice and make a range of flavours.

Boiled sweets

If you're looking for a challenge, boiled sweets could be the perfect solution. These retro (but still ultra-popular) sweets have a range of flavours, including mint, rhubarb and lemon - along with some more unique options.

There are plenty of recipes around, but this boiled sweets guide gives you a step-by-step process, making everything easier.

However, if it seems too complex, or you'd rather save time, we have a fantastic section to wholesale boiled sweets at great prices.

With everything from fruit flavours to clove rock, you're spoiled for choice.

Sugar mice

Sugar mice are a nostalgic treat that never fails to impress. The sweet and chewy texture is often associated with childhood memories, but you can make them at home in no time - plus, they're suitable for vegetarians.

This sugar mouse recipe is easier than you might think and great for children's parties. However, you'll need to make them in advance, as the mice take a while to dry out.

Pick and Mix bags

OK, pick and mix bags aren’t recipes, but they’re a headache free way to bring some sweet job into your life. Buy a load of sweets and split them into bags, then share them.

Or, if you're planning a party, give your guests a bag and let them choose their own, which is fun and also adds a personal touch.

The wrap-up

Whether you try one or all of these recipes, we guarantee they'll be a hit. But if you’re not keen on the preparation, make it easy on yourself and shop at Appleton Sweets. With speedy delivery and wholesale prices, we make it easy to enjoy your favourite sweets - at great prices.