Amazing Sweets That Taste as Good as They Look

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What's better than your favourite sweet treat? An endless supply of your favourite sweet treat at excellent prices. Yep, that's what you get when you go wholesale and stock up your cupboards with various delicious confectionery options.

At Appleton Sweets, we specialise in taking the world's most popular confectionery brands and bringing them to the public.

Whether you have a sweet shop or love the taste of candy and want to stock up, our range of delicious sweets won't disappoint you.

So, if you're wondering which wholesale sweets are the best, keep reading. We're about to reveal some amazing confectionery that tastes as good as it looks.


You can't beat a good marshmallow. Marshmallows are popular with children and adults, from toasting them in front of a fire to dipping them in chocolate. They also look amazing with their unique shape, texture, and naturally fluffy appearance.

New technologies also mean that even vegans can enjoy marshmallows now, so there are plenty of reasons to stock up on them.

Will you choose Haribo's infamous Chamallows or keep it traditional with huge bags of pink and white marshmallows? How about some halal watermelon marshmallows?

We've got everything you could ever wish for here.

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Gobstoppers are one of the oldest sweets still produced by confectioners today. As soon as you bite into them, you'll feel like a child again.

The layers of hard candy on the outside contrast nicely with the softer middle, creating a fantastic sensation in your mouth that will have you coming back for more.

You'll notice that gobstoppers come in all shapes and sizes, with different flavours and patterns. Our gobstoppers are colourful gifts that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face, making them both beautiful and tasty.

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Rock Candy

An absolute British staple, rock candy is the ultimate seaside treat. The hard outer shell gives way to a chewy centre, creating a burst of flavour, and each stick can last for a long time. You probably remember it from childhood, so why not enjoy it now?

Rock candy also has unique colours and patterns, including bright pink, blue and striped. Modern rock candy comes in fun flavours, such as bubblegum and cookie dough, so you can guarantee it will always be a hit.

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Harry Potter Bertie Beans

Any Harry Potter fan will love the Bertie Beans range. With its unique selection of jelly beans coming in flavours such as banana, toffee apple strawberry, these beans never let you down in flavour.

They also come in a beautiful package and make perfect gifts for Harry Potter fans. Jelly beans are always a safe gift; stocking them in your store means you'll have a regular stream of happy customers.

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Gummy Sweets

Everyone loves gummy sweets. They're delicious, fun and always look great. There are also plenty of options, including Cola bottles, love hearts, fried eggs and everything in between.

One of our favourites is the blue and pink fizzy bottles, which have a vibrant colour and a perfect tang. Or, keep the sour theme going with our halal-friendly worms from Bebeto.

Let's not forget Haribo, which is always a fan favourite. The Starmix collection is a bestseller, but there are vegetarian packs too.

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Fudge is popular everywhere and known for its subtle flavourings. Chocolate fudge is creamy, rich and milky - while vanilla fudge has a subtle, sweet flavour. You'll know that a slab of traditional fudge looks beautiful, but the taste makes it really special.

You can also find some alcoholic options which are suitable for adults. Rum and raisin is a fan favourite, while we also have Bailey's fudge which is ultra-indulgent and makes the perfect gift.

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Lollipops are a classic sweet treat that everyone loves. With so many delicious lollipops around, knowing where to start is hard. Do you want a traditional lollipop that's like a boiled sweet? Or how about a chewy and fruity lollipop?

Chocolate lollipops are also ideal for younger children, as they present zero choking hazards. We offer a range of lollipops, including traditional flavours like candy floss and bubblegum.

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Hearts and Violets

What could be better than hearts and flowers? Well, the opportunity to enjoy them in sweet form. Most people have heard of Love Hearts and Parma Violets before, so their unique flavours probably won't surprise you.

Love Hearts look great, with a message on each sweet, while Parma Violets have an ultra-sweet flavour and come in a bright purple colour.

Both of these sweets look great on display and make ideal gifts that don't cost much - but still have a lot of meaning.

Foam Sweets

Last - but definitely not least are foam sweets. Vibrant in colour and always able to catch the eye, these sweets were a staple in every kid's pick-and-mix bag, and Woolworths let young people enjoy them endlessly.

Pink shrimps are the OGs of the foam confectionery world, but bananas are definitely worth trying. We offer a range of banana foam confectionery, including traditional and chocolate-covered sweets.

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If you're looking for a fan favourite, Millions will never let you down. These tiny little chewy balls pack a massive punch in terms of flavour and are also beautiful to look at. With a range of vibrant colours and flavours, you'll never get bored of Millions.

Treat yourself to the fruity flavours, including banana, watermelon and raspberry, or enjoy popular recreations, including bubblegum and cola sweets.

The company also recently added new options to their line, including jelly babies and squishy sweets.

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Final thoughts

So, now you know which sweets are easy on the eye and delicious, it's time to fill up your cart with our wholesale confectionery. With speedy delivery and great prices, Appleton Sweets is the go-to wholesaler for all your needs.

We offer our confectionery to private customers, too, so anyone can take advantage of our prices. Shop today and enjoy the convenience we offer.

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