Fancy Something Fruity?

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Sweets Fruity

As we are all cautiously spending more time together, and getting outside to enjoy some sunshine, why not get involved with our summer bonanza.

Cool down with an iced drink.

For a start, when the sun comes out, who doesn’t like an ice cold slush drink to cool them down? We’ve got slush syrups in lots of fruity flavours, sold in our economical 5l bottles. Blue Raspberry seems to be popular this year, with five other mouth watering flavours to try.

Lollies are always popular. 

Sweet lollies are a great to enjoy outside, especially if they are fruity in flavour. It’s not just children that enjoy the juicy fruit taste of a lolly. There are so many to choose from and we have a huge range ready and waiting in stock. Some of the lollies aren’t just flavoured by fruit, they look and are shaped by the fruit too. These apple lollies, to be sold individually, are so bright and colourful, and the flavour is pure apple. 

What about these rock novelty banana lollies, they are almost too realistic, the way the skins are different shades of yellow and beige. They pack a full banana punch for sure, as do these banana twist lollies, so bright and tempting. The same twisting lollies are available in several flavours, including bakewell, with a strong hint of cherry, and a wonderful cherry burst too.

Fun Kandy.

Fun Kandy Pops come in every fruit flavour you can imagine. Straight blueberry, or a twist with blueberry muffin kick us off. There’s also cherry, orange, banana, blackberry and apple, the list goes on! We are particularly fond of the pineapple, but this lemon and lime, with a hint of sharpness, has to be our favourite. With an honourable mention for toffee appleof course. 

Classic seaside rock.

You don’t need to be by the sea to enjoy a stick of rock. The traditional holiday treat works just as well in any summer setting. Rock might not be best known for its fruit flavours, but we’ve got this great tasting chocolate orange flavour for you to try. In amongst the cookie dough and bubblegum flavours, you’ll also find this tangy fruity rainbow rock

Don’t forget your drinks.

It’s not just sweets and lollies which make a summer snack complete, we’ve got a great selection of fruity drinks to refresh you during the summer months. Fanta, of course, are experts in infusing fizzy drinks with fruity flavours. They have a fruit punch, perfect if you can’t decide which of their other flavours to choose. They have grape, grapefruit, apple, classic lemon, berry, apple, mango and so many more. As do Kool-Aid, whose strawberry and pink lemonade are particular favourites.

Get yourself stocked up on all of your fruity summer supplies in our sunshine bonanza right now. Contact us for great prices and quick, economical delivery.

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