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Summertime - bringing us days of picnics in the park, countryside, at the beach or back garden. It is traditionally the time we decide to pack our holiday bags and head off for some well earned rest, recuperation and fun. And most of us like to include a sweet treat or two (or three!) on our days out, either for our journey to our destination, treats throughout the day and even some sweet supplies packed away in our suitcase with those treats that we can’t do without! 

At Appleton Sweets we have an excellent stock of sweets that can ensure your customers have the choices they desire whatever their summer activity. And with July being National Picnic Month in the UK make sure your picnic hampers include a summer sweet that can refresh and quench the thirst on those long hot days.

Whether our trip or picnic is to the countryside or the seaside, including lots of sweet confectionery will guarantee to bring some fun to the day. In the words of that famous and amazing fictional confectioner Willy Wonka, with ‘pure imagination’ we can be transported anywhere we wish to be when we indulge in some of our favourite sweets and chocolate confectionery.

american sweetslaffy taffy

So whether it is seaside Rock Candy, Yorkshire Mix, Bristows Clotted Cream Fudge, West Indian Limes, Turkish Delight or a taste of American Cream Soda, already you have transformed your summertime day with national and international flavours! 


West Indians LimesYorkshire Mix


Let’s take a look at that ever popular range of sweets

So, Pick n’ Mix, where there are jars and jars of of colourful sweets of all shapes, textures and flavours ranging from traditional and long enjoyed sweets and sweets such as Sherbet Lemons, Strawberry and Cremes, Peaches and Creme, Pineapple Chunks are all bursting with fruity, refreshing summertime flavours perfect for any time of the day.  And for those on the move, choose sweets that can bring some magic and sparkle to the journey by choosing confectionery from the Harry Potter range - maybe some marvellous Magical Sweets, or spell making Wands, or just imagine travelling on the Harry Potter Knight Bus


Harry Potter Knight BusHarry Potter Chocolate Wand


It maybe that a picnic at home is planned and what better than to give a picnic a theme - especially when entertaining children (then who says sweets are just enjoyed by children?!), choosing something like an animal theme will make the day fun by including some animal inspired confectionery like fizzy worms and fizzy snakes, fizzy bears, jelly slugs and chocolate frogs - maybe even some fizzy sharks! 


Sweeto Fizzy SnakeHarry Potter Aragon Gummies


So along with National Picnic Month, July brings us international Friendship Day on the 30th and what better way to celebrate and recognise all our friendships than by choosing to give a gift of sweets and confectionery to show appreciation (especially this summer)  to our friends, neighbours and members of our community. Stock up on Haribo Friendship Rings, and gift boxes of chocolates, confectionery and sweet biscuits in time for your customers to choose something delightful.


Haribo Gummy RingsSwizzles Drumsticks


And of course, what better sweets to have ‘on the go’ than a luscious selection of lollipops with juicy, thirst quenching assorted fruit, tropical fruit and traffic light lollipops that are great for any picnic location or to take along on a journey. So make sure this summer your shelves are well and truly stocked!