The Best Children's Sweet Games

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The Best Children's Sweet Games

Children love playing games, it’s part and parcel of being a kid. But what can you do to make the games even more enjoyable? Why not mix it up a bit and give your kids a game they can really get their teeth into - pun intended. 

If you’re wondering how to keep kids entertained this summer, take a run through these excellent children’s sweet games. Caveat - you don’t need to host a kid’s party to enjoy playing games with sweets, these games are just as fun with a few children as they are with as many as you can handle!

Pass the parcel

This is an oldie but a goodie. This classic game is incredibly simple - wrap up a present in as many layers of wrapping paper as you can muster. Inside each layer pop a sweet. Have the children sit in a circle and play them some music. When the music stops whomever is holding the parcel unwraps a layer of wrapping paper and gets a sweet treat for their efforts. 

This game is so easy to play and even the youngest of guests can join in, picking up the ‘rules’ after just a couple of rounds. Just make sure that every kid has a ‘turn’ at unwrapping and getting a sweet. 

Great sweets to wrap up here are lollipops. Lollipops are perennial favourites among children as they provide so much more bang for the buck, as well as being colourful and tasty. Choose a lollipop such as a Chupa Chups, or invoke nostalgia with a Swizzels Double Lollipop or a Drumstick or Melody Pop



Who doesn’t love a Piñata? You can easily buy the Piñata online or in your local supermarket, all you have to do is then fill it with plenty of sweets to keep your kids happy. 

Simply hang the sweet-filled Piñata in an easily accessible location such as from a tree branch, or in a wide door frame, and have your kids stand in a line 3 meters away from it. 

You blindfold the first child, spin them around gently 3 times and give them a stick to bash the Piñata with. Each child gets two opportunities to hit the Piñata before they hand the stick to the next kid for their go. The child then rejoins the line to wait their turn again. 

As soon as the Piñata is broken, releasing it’s sweet filling, make sure the child wielding the stick stops swinging so the other children can come and gather up the sweets. 

Great sweets to fill the Piñata with include candy necklaces and individual packs of sweets such as Haribo pre packs of Happy Cola, or Jelly Babies or Tangfastics

Treasure hunt

This game is a great way to keep kids entertained for a while. It requires some effort on your behalf, but once it’s done, they’re out of your hair for as long as the treasure hunt takes. 

If it’s raining you can set the hunt up around your house, but if the weather is suitable, take the game outside - play around the garden or in your local park. You could even enlist the help of neighbours and hide clues in their gardens. 

Decide how many clues you want to give your children, write each one up and then hide it where the previous clue says the next can be found. At the end of the hunt, make sure the treasure is worth their while. Piles of pick and mix are always winners, as are treats such as American candy

Cut up the chocolate

This game is very easy, lots of fun and incredibly noisy as the children race to win a turn at tucking into a delicious bar of chocolate. Children sit in a circle around a bar of chocolate, something like a Cadbury Dairy Milk or Galaxy, or if you want to keep the taste up but the sugar down, opt for a Free’ist (no added sugar) chocolate bar.

The children take it in turns to roll a dice and as soon as someone rolls a 6 they run to the chocolate, don a hat, scarf and oversized gloves and using a knife and fork, cut chunks off the chocolate bar. All the while they’re getting dressed up and trying to hack at the chocolate, the other children are frantically trying to roll a 6 so they can have a go. 

As soon as someone rolls a 6, the child cutting the chocolate must stop, and it’s the new child’s go. This game is guaranteed to get a party going and elicit some ear piercing shrieks as fever pitch grows.  

Marshmallow races

Marshmallow races

This really fun and easy game can be played by as many children as you like, or just two. It’s essentially a race to get a pile of mini marshmallows from one side of the room to the other using nothing but a drinking straw (Sweetzone Halal marshmallows work just as well here, as do Free’ist sugar free marshmallows). 

You simply set up a pile of marshmallows for each kid on one side of the room and arm each child with a straw. They then have to dash backwards and forth, sucking each marshmallow into the straw and holding it there. 

If you don’t like the idea of them sucking the marshmallows into the straw, have them blow their pile of marshmallows across the room instead. As soon as all their marshmallows are across the line they can eat their hoard!.


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