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Dairy Toffee

Toffee: Just How Many Flavours Are There?

Toffee may not be one of the truly elder statesmen of confectionery, but has a history which can be traced back deep into the 19th century, possibly slightly earlier. In America, the ‘English Toffee’ they devour is actually more of a buttercrunch. By contrast, the toffee we sell here at Appletons, is the more familiar British style we all know and love.

Traditional flavours

The toffee sweets we are all so fond of are generally hard, but not brittle and encourage vigorous chewing. It is this characteristic which promotes the release of whatever flavour the toffee has been infused with. Plain toffee has quite a smoky taste, the caramelization of the sugars giving a slightly burned, yet intensely sweet hit to the tongue. Creamier recipes are used to create those smoother, dairy tasting, slightly softer toffees which are so popular.    

A huge choice of flavours

Where do we start with toffee flavours? Licorice is always popular, a dark aniseed hit released with every chew. This flavour is back and we can offer Walkers take on the taste with their bags for sharing. We also offer nearly all of our toffees in bulk bags for selling by weight.

For some real indulgence, what not stock up on these chocolate packed double dipped toffees for chocolate addicts’ delight. For those customers who don’t like to share, and fancy something a little more fruity, we have these individual bars of banana split eclair toffee, also from Walkers. Made with whole milk and butter, they are a refreshing treat, as well as satisfying a sweet craving.

For those who might be worried about the calories in toffee, we are pleased to be able to offer a selection of sugar free, and low calorie toffees. We have the aforementioned licorice in sugar free form, traditional Devon toffee from Thornes, good old Worthers, but without the sugar, or, if you’re undecided, go for a sugar free lucky dip, also from Thornes. 

The choice goes on - there are nutty selections too and a real favourite with us, the treacle dab toffee, dark and delicious. 

There are toffees with vanilla swirls and any number of assorted bags to choose from. And we couldn’t leave out that ever popular mint toffee. Is there a better flavour combination across our whole range?

Different ways to eat your toffees

Not everyone will go for individually wrapped toffees, or bags to share. There are other styles to enjoy. The toffee bon bon is another great choice, with various flavourings. We’ve got trays of toffee bars too, and a whole variety of toffee slabs such as this original from Walkers. We’ve even got a look-a-like sugar free toffee apple dummy!

So get yourself stocked up ready to tempt the customers with a huge choice in toffees.

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