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American Cereals

Why American Cereal will Add Sparkle To Your Breakfast

American food is the stuff of legend. Yes, it may be incredibly popular and exceedingly tasty because almost everything made Stateside is packed to the rafters with fat and sugar. But when it’s enjoyed as a treat, there is no better way to put a little zing into your day or to add sparkle to your breakfast bowl. And when it comes to breakfast cereal, nothing beats American breakfast cereal. 

And we at Appleton Sweets (as well as over on our sister site Bulk Wholesale Sweets), are HUGE fans of eating American treats. So much so, we’ve got a whole section on each site dedicated to American sweets. 

But what sets American breakfast cereal apart from regular British cereal? Is it just its ‘exotic’ nature that makes us view it as a treat rather than as standard breakfast fayre? And actually, where does the habit of eating breakfast cereal come from?  

Eat breakfast the American way

american breakfast

If you want to start your day the American way, then you need to take breakfast seriously. We all know how important it is to start your day right, to eat a nutritious breakfast and the Americans are no different.  

For Early Americans, convenience food was the preferred food of choice to eat first thing - leftovers, repurposed meats, eggs, bread, whatever was quick to prepare and available cheaply for rural families, was what the settlers ate. 

And this idea of convenience food is what has guided much of the world’s approach to our first meal of the day, even now. 

We still opt for quick and tasty in the morning, saving preparing a feast of bacon and eggs, or fluffy pancakes and maple syrup for the weekends or holidays, when we have time to do these breakfast foods justice. 7.30 on a Monday morning isn’t that time. 

7.30 on a Monday morning sees most of us running around the house like a headless chicken, with no time to do much other than grab a coffee and a bowl of cereal.

Which is why if you want to put a skip in your step, pouring a bowl of Captain Crunch, or Lucky Charms will not just put a smile on your face, but it will set you up for the day. 

Kellogg’s unsexy beginning

american cereals

But cereal hasn’t always been about making people happy. Rumour has it that the Kellogg brothers, the guys behind the UK’s most popular breakfast cereals, created Corn Flakes for two reasons - one was to get more grain into peoples’ diets, (John Harvey Kellogg was a doctor after all and he knew the importance of fibre for the body). And the second reason was that this bland cereal was supposed to turn people off sex.  

Yup, you read that correctly. Mr Kellogg, a doctor, a Seventh Day Adventist and staunch anti-sex campaigner, thought he could cure people’s sexual urges by encouraging them to consume a bland, healthy diet. While he may not have ‘cured’ sex, he did start a trend for favouring cereal first thing.

Cereal is a luxury item

Industrialisation, access to refrigerators (to keep milk cold) and the addition of cheap sweeteners to encourage more children to eat the cereals, saw Kellogg’s breakfast foods popularity rise exponentially. All helped along by a healthy dose of advertising.  

Because the thing is, people who don’t have the luxury to purchase different food types tend to eat the same thing for each meal. Having different types of foods at mealtimes is symptomatic of money. 

For poorer countries therefore, breakfast food or cereal, is considered a luxury - and the ability to buy separate foods, just for consumption at breakfast, is seen as sophisticated. 

Appleton American cereals

Lucky Charm Cereal

Which is why we are incredibly proud (and fortunate) to be able to offer such a wide selection of American cereals to our discerning British customers. So take advantage and get your hands on Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes, Chocolate Lucky Charms or grab and go Lucky Charm cereal pots for when you’re in a real hurry in the morning. Because if you don’t have the time to add the sparkle to your own cereal bowl, you can simply take it with you and eat it at your leisure. 

Are you a big fan of Oreo cookies? Who says this infamous chocolate treat has to be the preserve of snack time? How about Oreo O’s for breakfast? Or are you a fan of peanut butter? Then why not have peanut butter in your breakfast bowl rather than on your toast, and enjoy Reese’s Puffs cereal? 

But if American cereal isn’t your thing, have you tried Marshmallow Fluff on toast or Creamy Reese’s peanut butter? Or what about grab n’ go Pop Tarts? Yes, they’ve been available here in Blighty for a while, but not the whole range, and especially not flavours such as cinnamon roll and S’mores, which you can’t readily find here in the UK. 

American foods from Appleton Sweets 

Appleton American Sweets

Whatever American foods you’re looking for, you’ll find a wide selection on offer through Appleton Sweets - we bring the real taste of America right to your front door. 

And if you’re after a new taste sensation, check out our range of American sweets and American cereals as we are constantly updating our stock - you’re guaranteed to find something to tantalise your tastebuds. 

For no minimum order, check out the American cereal selection over on Bulk Wholesale Sweets.