Going Nuts For Something Savoury

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Chocolate Bars and Nuts

Here at Appletons we are constantly updating our range of snacks. If it is something purely savoury you are after, then we have an ever expanding choice for you. The cool bag of crisps to be seen with has to be one the great flavours in the Rap Icons range from Kraft. The Notorious B.I.G. branded snacks come in Cookout Barbeque Sauce or Honey Jalapeno flavours. Or why not try Cardi B’s Jerk Barbeque flavour?

Cover It In Chocolate

Let’s be honest, we are a sweet confectionery specialist and we get more excited when the savoury ingredients are somehow combined with something sweet. The history of nuts (or anything else) getting a coating of chocolate goes back as far as chocolate itself. In the 18th century, recipes for treats such as chocolate covered almonds were appearing in cook books. So when you try out our own Milk Chocolate Almonds (from Carol Anne), you are tasting a little piece of history. 

It’s not just chocolate which compliments the distinctive flavour of almonds. These Sugared Almonds are just as popular and also come with quite a back story. The sweet and crunchy, colourful sugar coating perfectly combines with the tang of the almond. They have been sold as a celebratory snack at fairs and religious festivals across Europe for decades. Sugared almonds are also popular at weddings. The sweet and savoury combination is believed to represent the ups and downs of married life and reassure couples that there will always be something sweet to enjoy. This tradition can be traced back to at least the 16th century.

Taking the theme to a whole new level is this Nougat With Almonds from Lonka. Delicious squares of white nougat laced with chopped almonds are simply delicious and can be sold by weight from this 1.5kg tub.

Also in cubes and sold by weight is the luxurious Chocolate Golden Nut Crumble. This is packed with a variety of nuts crumbled into the finest chocolate and has become a real favourite. 

Brazils And More

All types of nuts and snacks can get the chocolate coating treatment. An absolute classic is the Brazil nut. Being larger, these nuts offer a quite dominant flavour and are therefore usually coated with the finest chocolate, often dark chocolate, in order for the strength of flavour to compete with the Brazils. We offer a great choice of chocolate Brazils, from the simple milk chocolate, through to luxury gift sets. One of our favourites are these Plain Chocolate Brazils from Carol Anne. They are timeless classics.

There is so much to choose from. Don’t forget to search for fruit and nut delights, or anything containing ginger and enjoy a perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

Get in touch to get stocked up with all your savoury (and sweet and savoury) favourites.


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