Thinking Of Starting Up A Confectionery Retail Business?

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So you’re thinking that a sweet shop is going to be a great business to start up especially with confectionery currently being a hugely popular retail commodity that is continually growing year on year and you have gone as far as investing in your unit/shop, mobile sweet shop, or wedding/event sweet  cart hire.

To take your business forward,  what should you be considering? 

Well, there is a huge amount of information that can be easily accessed online or through advisory publications about starting up a new business. The common thread that runs across all the different types of information out there is that it is absolutely key to develop your business skills and the personal qualities you will need. Qualities such as self motivation, the ability to work long hours, offer fantastic customer service, develop good negotiating skills and have a great understanding of your market.

Your shop location is going be a key factor to the choice of confectionery and sweet products you sell, for example, your new sweet shop venture could be in an area served well by schools, close to or on a housing estate popular with families and therefore supplying you with a strong customer base of both children and adults so your sweets and confectionery stock should reflect what will appeal to those customers.  Importantly to help your business thrive, working with a great supplier who can advise and offer your business a wide range of sweets and confectionery both new and traditional and the knowledge of what sweets are trending will be key to success.

sour sweets

Children especially like the opportunity to Pick n Mix - especially if they have a handful of pocket money! With the current difficulties and restrictions surrounding access to shopping it will be important to set up your sweets and confectionery business adhering to the correct guidelines but ensuring not to spoil the integrity of your confectionery business.

If you are developing a mobile sweet shop business,  a key factor to take into consideration will be keeping your products fresh and unaffected by climate,  so fitting out your mobile shop will be very important - no one likes to receive their chocolates and sweets stuck together because of the heat! The interior of the mobile sweet shop should offer customers a tempting visual experience of the range of sweets to buy and think about putting up clear ‘menus’ of what is available. 

Check out your competitors and look to grow your sweet shop business alongside what is already available and don’t look to directly compete. Grow your reputation by meeting and networking with other businesses - if you are developing a wedding or event sweet cart business for example, by working alongside other related businesses it will only widen your own business opportunities - also why not consider getting involved in a local business support organisation.

Having made your decision and investment into your new sweet shop venture, the fun begins when you have chosen your trusted supplier and the shelves can be stocked. Taking your customer base and having discussed your stock preferences, your ordering can get underway. From retro and vintage sweets, sour and fizzy sweets , gift boxes of chocolates to novelty sweets and blue and pink sweets for events, choosing a supplier like ourselves and our sister company Bulk Wholesale Sweets will ensure your business receives the highest quality sweets and chocolate and decades of specialist confectionery knowledge to help your sweet business take off.


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