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Spooky Halloween Treats

Favourite halloween sweets to stock

Ah the season of the witch is about to begin, and in these spooktacular times, what Halloween sweets should you look to retail in your shop?  

Here’s the thing, there is no bad halloween sweet when it comes to filling proffered buckets and cauldrons from dressed up trick or treaters. As far as the kids are concerned, any chocolate bar or gummy sweet is the best halloween treat. So don’t disappoint them, and buy halloween sweets in bulk today. 

Why the interest in Halloween sweets? As a representative from Mondelez said:

“Halloween has become a valuable earner for convenience retailers and research shows more shoppers buy Halloween-themed confectionery than standard packs during this exciting time, so it’s crucial they take full advantage of this and create excitement for their shoppers. Confectionery sales over the period in 2019 reached £48m, with candy being a key contributor of sales growth and 51% of incremental sales at Halloween coming from the chocolate confectionery category.”

So what can you do to take full advantage of this uptick in sales and entice shoppers to fill their baskets with your creepy confectionery range? Here are our favourite halloween sweets to stock in your independent shop or convenience store. 

Cadbury halloween chocolate 

Anything by Cadbury is going to go down a storm, not just on fright night itself - 31st October, but in the days and weeks leading up to the big event too. Because let’s face it, of the 51% of incremental sales leading up to Halloween, the vast majority of halloween sweets bought in advance by savvy shoppers is likely to get consumed long before it gets handed out to ghostly ghouls and frightful fairies knocking on your door. 

WIth Cadbury’s 2020 Halloween range replete with perennial favourites, some of which have Halloween branded wrapping to help them stand out on your shop’s shelves to encourage impulse buys in the run up to Halloween, don't forget to fill your shelves with distinctive purple packaging.

Stock up on bestselling grab bags of Dairy Milk Buttons or place the witch’s companion, the frog, AKA Cadbury Caramel Freddo, next to your checkout.  

Ghoulish treats 

While chocolate may be one of the most popular sweet treats available, few can resist the call of a special ghoulish Halloween themed sweet. And Appleton Sweets have a wide range of wonderfully wicked edible sweet treats in the form of bloody eyesjelly filled brainsskullswitchessnot shots and toxic waste

Because Halloween isn’t Halloween without copious amounts of spooky stuff. Whether your customers want to hand out edible evils to monsters lurking in the shadows (or at your front door), or you want to create an eye catching shop display of Halloween treats, check out our range of ghoulish gummies, monster mice and jellied brains - all are perfect for convenience stores or anyone who simply wants to bulk buy Halloween sweets at a low price.  

Hannahs have a range of Halloween specific sweet treats including Brain Lickers, a fruit flavoured liquid sweet in a fun roller case, as well as their giant pink and white mice or mega white mice. No sweet display would be complete without an inclusion of Vidal’s dracula teeth and jelly bones. And for those following a Halal diet, we have a range of dietary sweets suitable for Halal diets from Dulce Plus, which include milk teeth and sour worms

The best Halloween sweets 

But you can’t fill your shelves with just halloween chocolate and sweets, you still need to retail the household favourites. So how can you strike a happy medium and fill your shelves with sweets your customers want this Halloween?

Have Millions in stock, these little hard chewy balls come in so many different flavours. Or how about Swizzel Matlow lollies? Or grab bags of Haribo Minis

Who are we kidding - if you really want to make an impact and gross your customers out, stock Rose strawberry blood bags.

Happy halloween from Appleton Sweets

While Appleton Sweets supplies Halloween sweets to retailers, consumers can get their claws on great tasting, spooktacular sweet treats in bulk from our sister site - Bulk Wholesale Sweets

Happy Halloween!