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Having enjoyed a bumper summer of sweet treats such as the cooling refreshing Slush drinks and the popular Rock Candy confectionery, we begin to look at stocking our sweet shelves with the sweets and confectionery that we love during the different events throughout the autumn and winter season.


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Even though 2021 has been a challenging year so far and looks to continue to be so heading into 2022, thankfully the confectionery business continues to thrive with new products being developed and launched, with good marketing and brand awareness confectionery producers are keeping the spotlight on the confectionery industry.

The big confectionery event of the year is of course Christmas

and it may seem early to be mentioning the ‘C’ word, but there are some great new products being launched during September ready for the bumper confectionery Christmas sales.


Announced recently in the digital retail newsfeed from, it reveals that there are several new confectionery launches including from Nestle, who have introduced its new confectionery range ready for Christmas 2020. For fans of the very popular chocolate gift box Dairy Box,  there is a new range of Dairy Box ‘The Christmas Collection’ containing a festive new selection of delicious chocolates, a new KitKat Santa and for the creamy and sweet white chocolate lovers there are the new Aero Dreamy White Snowbubbles and a novelty foil wrapped Milky Bar Reindeer.


Another big confectionery producer Mars Wrigley UK announced that they have expanded their Christmas product range to include Galaxy Caramel Truffles, a new Milky Way selection box and a Skittles selection box. And of course the Christmas season would not be the same without the traditional Advent Calendar, there is a new Galaxy Truffles Advent Calendar  from Mars Wrigley and from the Nestle range,  a new KitKat Santa  Advent Calendar.  After dinner chocolates are always winner whatever the time of year and the new limited edition  ‘Gin and Tonic After Eights’ developed especially by Nestle for Christmas are sure to fly off the shelves.   


You may have noticed while watching your favourite TV programmes there is a new advert from the confectionery brand Toffifee with the aim of selling their confectionery as a treat to ‘bring the family together’. These delicious boxed toffee chocolate treats are a popular gift choice.




Having explored just a few of the new products becoming available for Christmas, we know sweets and treats aren’t just for Christmas and we love them all year round but  there are a couple of other major events due this Autumn - Halloween and Guy Fawkes night. So maybe it’s time to check your stock and ensure you have a great selection of confectionery for your customers.


Here at Appleton Sweets we have a large stock of creepy Halloween themed sweets to fill the many bags and cauldrons of the trick or treaters. From Dracula Fangs, White Mice to Jelly Filled Skulls there are lots to choose from. With a pick and mix selection of  Vidal Jelly Filled Brains, Creepy Jelly , Rose Zombie Teeth and Strawberry Blood on display, your customers will be well prepared for their Halloween antics.


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