Get Stocked Up On Your Picnic Snacks

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Picnic Snacks

Easing of some of the lockdown measures in the UK has meant people will have more time to enjoy being outdoors. Also, some children will be heading back to school in the next few weeks. Picnics and packed lunches will be the order of the day.

Let’s have a look at the best range to stock for adding a little treat to those picnic baskets and lunch boxes.


Rather than simply filling the packed lunch or picnic with sweets, why not add a more substantial treat with one of our range of delicious cakes. USA brand, Hostess, offers a variety of tempting cakes.


Jelly Belly makes a great range of popcorn themed snacks. Their snack box sized packets of popcorn flavoured beans are sure to be a firm favourite in the lunch box. Or what not give the youngsters a fun candy popcorn flavoured lolly, we sell them in cases of 50. 


Who doesn’t love Oreo? We are very pleased to be able to supply these delicious cream filled Oreo brownies. They are individually wrapped and perfectly sized for a picnic or packed lunch. We supply them in boxes of 12.


Hersheys have taken the pretzel and given it the luxury treatment. There are mouth watering options, such as those dipped in luxury milk chocolate or the combination of great tastes with their pretzels dipped in a cookies and cream coating. Delicious. 


Snacking on nuts coated in chocolate or yoghurt, or nut flavoured bars and nougat feels that much better when you’re outside enjoying some spring sunshine. Reese’s have an amazing nut bar that is a great snack for filling you up between meals. There are many chocolate covered nuts in our bulk buy selection as well as nutty nougat bars for the larger appetite.

Chewing Gum, Mints & Boiled Sweets

Sometimes a full on snack is too much and just the distraction of a chew on some gum or slowly sucking on a mint can be enough between meals. The kids on your outing will happily tackle some bubblegum cola bottles or maybe share a tub of Ice Breaker Sours. The adults are more likely to plump for a good old Werthers Original creamy butter candy.


Everybody will need something to wash their picnic down with. Our range of flavours in cans of Fanta gives everybody a chance to find the perfect refreshing drink. If all that is needed is plain water, we stock 24 packs of 50cl bottles of top brand, Evian. For something completely different, why not offer your customers a chance to try the incredible Wizards Butterscotch Brew, something completely different for the taste buds.

Don’t forget to keep yourselves up to date with how Covid-19 is affecting our business. Get in touch today to start planning your picnic and lunch box stock.

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