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What Sweets Should You Stock This Summer?

If we get the summer we had a few years ago, it’s going to be an absolute cracker. So what can you do to maximise on the good weather? You could stock sweets in your sweet shop that are quintessentially summer sweets, for a start. 

If you have a sweet shop and you’re looking for an online wholesale sweet supplier, we have so many sweets for you to choose from here Appleton Sweets. However if you’re just a dedicated consumer, head on over to our sister site, Bulk Wholesale Sweets where you’ll find an equally extensive range of delicious summer sweets, but without the minimum order requirement. 

Summer Flavours

Did you know that the weather actually affects the types of food that we crave? When it’s hot outdoors or you’re working outside, or even playing in the garden, you want something that will quench your thirst. And chocolate just tends to make you feel even more dehydrated, which is why sweets are such a popular choice during the hotter months. 

Which is why you might be more inclined to quench your thirst with a watermelon lolly . Or get the juices flowing with a sour flavour sweet.

If you’re wondering what sweets you might retail in your shop however, consider stocking up on your bagged ranges as these are easy to grab and perfect for a picnic. 

We have a wide selection of Haribo for you to choose from - and with Haribo breathing new life into their beloved range, including adding in exotic fruit flavours and wild berry sweets to their limited edition bags of Starmix and Tangfastic, you’ll capture both adults and kids’ attention with these new and exciting variants of perennially popular sweets. 

A study by Nielsen showed that in the warmer months, we tend to look for more refreshing choices, rather than comforting ones. And chocolate is definitely thought of as a comforter. So why not put your chocolate range on the back burner for now and focus on stocking up on seasonally flavoured sweets such as fruity treats combining peach flavours, or strawberry, raspberry or berries in general? 

Slush puppies for summer

What can be more refreshing than a slushie on a hot summer’s day? Kids love a cool slush puppie to slurp when the sun is out. Who are we kidding, they love them on a cold day too. In fact, kids just love slush puppies, which is why we have such an exciting range of slush syrup flavours for you to choose from. 

Slushies are the perfect way to cool down, and we have a wide range of slush syrups for you to refill your slush machine with. From jazzy Blue Raspberry, to Cherry, Strawberry, Cola, even .

We have such a fantastic selection of slush flavours, you’ll be hard pushed to pick a favourite. And don’t forget you’ll need the iconic slush cups to serve the slushies in - choose from a 10oz cup or a 7oz cup.

Want to expand your slush puppie shelf? How about offering customers a slush puppie dip n lick or spray candy ? Any child who loves a slushie will find it tough to resist the rest of the range. 

Childhood sweet memories

When the sun’s out, the picnic blankets come out too, and what better way to end a picnic than with a sweet treat? Something light and delicious like popcorn, marshmallows or candyfloss cups perhaps?

These sweet options couldn’t be more summer if they tried. They invoke childhood memories of lazy summer days, beach holidays, fun days at the fairground, or just mooching in the garden with friends. Want to take a trip down memory lane? Then check out our tubs of Vimto candy floss.

We also stock Sweetzone candy floss - light, playful, fluffy bags and tubs of sweets, ideal for stocking in any sweet shop. And if your customers love candyfloss, check out our candyfloss rock.

And speaking of rock, is there a treat more suited to the summertime than rock? We can’t think of one.

Seaside rock

Everyone knows what rock is - the seaside shops are full of it. If you have a sweet shop by the sea, you can’t miss out on stocking some of the most summery sweet treats that your customers will love. 

We have a great array of rock to choose from, in all manner of flavours, colours and even shapes. From rock jars to pirate rock dummies (perfect for little pirates), we have rock that caters to all tastes and predilections. Peppa pig rockStrawberry milkshake? You’ll find them all here online. 

Novelty summer sweets

But if you’re looking for novelty sweets to stock this summer, why not entice younger customers to try a mini jelly bean machine, or a sweet soaker? Or how about some toxic waste (no, it’s not hazardous to health, it’s tiny particles of pure sour flavour). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our range of novelty sweets is pretty extensive. You’ve gotta browse it to believe it. 

Whichever sweets you’re looking to stock this summer, look no further than Appleton Sweets to supply you. We really do have something for everyone.